The most recognizable Logos of all time

A logo can speak for itself alone. A glimpse of it can perfectly project its meaning. And I don’t even need to make any introduction for them. Let’s see how many can you recognize. Though I’m sure you’ll recognize them all 🙂
























































































































johnnie walker









end 😉



All Hail the KINGS!

King Arthur

bob ellis king arthur


King of Rock and Roll

bob ellis elvis presley


King of Pop

bob ellis michael jackson


Kings of Leon

bob ellis kings of leon


King James (Lebron)

bob ellis lebron james


Sacramento Kings

bob ellis sacramento kings


The Kingfisher

bob ellis kingfisher


King of Spades

bob ellis king of spades


King of Hearts

bob ellis king of hearts


King of Diamonds

bob ellis king of diamonds


King of Clubs

bob ellis king of clubs


King of Fighters

bob ellis king of fighters


Burger King

bob ellis burger king


King Kong

bob ellis king kong


The King of Queens

bob ellis king of queens


King of the Hill

bob ellis king of the hill


King David

bob ellis king david


Stephen King

bob ellis stephen king


Martin Luther King, Jr.

bob ellis martin luther king jr


King of all Kings

bob ellis jesus christ


Try any of these Practical Tips: It’s FREE!

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1. Always make sure your belt matches your shoe color. It makes your overall appearance look much more out together.

2. If you want to unclog a toilet without a plunger, put hot water and soap in the toilet and let it sit for 5 minutes.

3. No matter how slow you progress, you’re still ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.

4. If you find a hair in your food and send it back to the kitchen, heavily salt it to make sure you got a new order.

5. Gatorade or Powerade is only healthy when it’s during a workout, and watered down. Otherwise it’s all just extra sugar and empty calories.

6. Accidentally used a permanent marker on a dry erase board? Scribble over the same area with a dry erase marker to remove it.

7. Put your ice cream in a big Zip Lock bag before freezing it. This will keep…

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Does it’s really?

misspelled words can’t get any worse than this 😀


My ink stinks My ink stinks

The old misspelled tattoo. I can appreciate this can happen on the behalf of the customer; you’re often shown your tattoo outline in a mirror or it’s in an insanely hard to see place. You’re also relying on the smarts of your artist and as a professional you’d hope they can spell.

But this is on this guy’s arm. There’s just no excuse. I can only imagine he thought it was right and insisted on it being done as is despite the poor tattoo guy’s objections.

The funny thing is, there’s no apostrophe in it at all when correct – it’s not “It get’s better”. The mistake actually took more work than needed.

It’s get better. The ‘get better’ owned by it. Sweet.

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Commonly Misspelled Words

Are you smart enough to have your vocabulary running perfect all the time? If you think you already know all the basics, think twice. You could be one of those who are guilty of spelling it the wrong way. Check out these commonly misspelled english words and see which of these victims you are guilty of wrecking (I only mean spelling incorrectly :))

commonly misspelled words

How to Distinguish the Nature of Addiction

At what exact point should an individual be considered as an addict? Is there an exact count of substance usage before a person can be tagged as addict? Let’s dig into the world of addiction and narrow down its broad meaning for mere clarity so as to address the needs for possible treatment for anyone experiencing any of the issues listed below.


dependenceUncontrolled cravings for drugs and giving in into the temptation to satisfy an abnormal pleasure are without a doubt associated with addiction. There is a feeling of uneasiness if the pill you are craving for is not taken immediately and the only solution that can come up into mind is to pop up a pill, thus, dependence is all the more appropriate term. Irritability and short temperedness may be experienced resulting to harm not only to thyself but also to anyone or anything within your surroundings. If worst comes to worse, one of the best options is to enter Drug Program Rehabilitation.

Untimely consumption

untimely consumptionThis refers to intake of drugs in no specific time frame just to satisfy the cravings, may it be during the night or day. The dosage and the time on when to take it follow no rules. Drug consumption is performed any time the appetite strikes. This is not to raise confusion with someone taking a medication, wherein a prescribed medicine is taken several times in a day for treatment of an illness. Take this in mind, if you are taking any substance for a different purpose other than to treat any sickness in the body or mind, then you are abusing the power of such.

Uncontrolled habit

uncontrolled habitOne of the long-term effects of taking drugs is manifested through the human brain. The symptom does not show a clear sign for anyone to decipher that an individual is an addict. But eventually through the course of time, an addict’s behavior changes drastically. This is simply because the chemical content of a drug alters or modifies the chemistry of the brain. Hence, personal behavior changes due to the alteration of brain structure. Some changes in personal behavior include, and definitely not limited to, uncontrolled habit of taking unnecessary narcotics. There are drug program rehabilitation centers that can efficiently manage this habit.
Drug addiction is unrecognized until self-acceptance is fulfilled. Do not wait for the time to come where dropping out the habit of taking drugs is already at its crucial stage. Yes addiction is still curable at any stage but as any doctor would suggest, prevention is always better than cure. Do not make any excuses like, “I can still manage my intakes”, or “I’m not dependent on any medicine, I only take it to give me a good mood”. We’re talking about illegal drugs here, so no matter how you manage your intake of it and how it gives you a better mood, it is still a crime.
Once you get to realize that you or any of your loved ones is undergoing the phase of substance abuse or at the risk of getting in to it, take action like getting into Drug Program Rehabilitation.

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