Highest paid athlete in the NBA

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Would you like to know how much your favorite NBA player earns? C’mon let’s take a peek at their 2014-2015 season salary.

Warning: some figures might shock you (for the reason that the one you consider a Superstar may have inferior salary than the average player).


BOSTON CELTICS             

Rajon Rondo                      $12,909,090

Gerald Wallace                  $10,105,855

Jeff Green                          $9,200,000


BROOKLYN NETS             

Joe Johnson                       $23,180,790

Deron Williams                  $19,754,465

Kevin Garnett                    $12,000,000



Amar’e Stoudemire        $23,410,988

Carmelo Anthony            $22,458,401

Andrea Bargnani              $11,500,000



Jason Richardson                       $6,601,125

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute          $4,382,576

Joel Embiid                                $4,427,640



Kyle Lowry                       $12,000,000

DeMar DeRozan               $10,100,000

Amir Johnson                  $7,000,000



David Lee                         $15,012,000

Andrew Bogut                   $12,972,970

Andre Iguodala                 $12,289,544

Stephen Curry                   $10,629,213



Chris Paul                            $20,068,563

Blake Griffin                       $17,674,613

DeAndre Jordan                 $11,440,123



Kobe Bryant                       $23,500,000

Steve Nash                         $9,701,000

Jordan Hill                           $9,000,000

Jeremy Lin                          $8,374,646



Eric Bledsoe                      $13,000,000

Goran Dragic                      $7,500,000

Isaiah Thomas                   $7,238,606



Rudy Gay                        $19,317,326

DeMarcus Cousins           $14,746,000

Carl Landry                     $6,500,000


CHICAGO BULLS              

Derrick Rose                       $18,862,876

Joakim Noah                      $12,700,000

Taj Gibson                           $8,000,000

Pau Gasol                            $7,128,000



LeBron James                $20,644,400

Kevin Love                      $15,719,063

Anderson Varejao           $9,704,545

Kyrie Irving                     $7,070,730



Josh Smith                      $13,500,000

Brandon Jennings            $8,000,000

Jodie Meeks                    $6,000,000


INDIANA PACERS            

Paul George                       $15,937,290

Roy Hibbert                        $14,898,938

David West                         $12,000,000



Larry Sanders                     $11,000,000

O.J. Mayo                          $8,000,000

Ersan Ilyasova                    $7,900,000



Tyson Chandler                 $14,846,888

Chandler Parsons             $14,700,00

Monta Ellis                      $8,360,000

Dirk Nowitzki                  $7,974,482



Dwight Howard                 $21,436,27

James Harden                   $14,728,844

Trevor Ariza                      $8,579,089



Zach Randolph                  $16,500,000

Marc Gasol                       $15,829,688

Mike Conley                     $8,694,216

Tayshaun Prince               $7,707,865



Eric Gordon                        $14,898,938

Tyreke Evans                     $11,265,416

Jrue Holiday                       $10,404,495

Anthony Davis                   $5,607,240



Tony Parker                       $12,500,000

Tim Duncan                       $10,361,446

Tiago Splitter                     $9,250,000

Boris Diaw                         $7,500,000

Manu Ginobili                    $7,000,000

Kawhi Leonard                  $2,894,059


ATLANTA HAWKS           

Al Horford                           $12,000,00

Paul Millsap                        $9,500,000

Jeff Teague                        $8,000,000



Al Jefferson                     $13,500,000

Lance Stephenson           $9,000,000

Marvin Williams               $7,000,000



Chris Bosh                       $20,644,400

Dwyane Wade                  $15,000,000

Luol Deng                        $9,714,461


ORLANDO MAGIC           

Channing Frye                   $8,579,088

Victor Oladipo                   $4,978,200

Ben Gordon                       $4,500,000



John Wall                          $14,746,000

Marcin Gortat                    $10,434,782

Nene Hilario                       $13,000,000

Paul Pierce                          $5,305,000



Ty Lawson                         $11,595,506

JaVale McGee                   $11,250,000

Danilo Gallinari                 $10,854,850

Arron Afflalo                      $7,500,000

Kenneth Faried                 $2,249,768

Nate Robinson                  $2,106,720



Nikola Pekovic                  $12,100,000

Kevin Martin                     $6,792,500

Anthony Bennett             $5,563,920

Andrew Wiggins              $5,510,640

Thaddeus Young             $9,410,869



Kevin Durant                  $18,995,624

Russell Westbrook          $15,719,062

Serge Ibaka                    $12,350,000

Kendrick Perkins              $9,654,342



LaMarcus Aldridge           $16,006,000

Nicolas Batum                $11,765,500

Wesley Matthews           $7,245,640

Robin Lopez                    $6,124,729

Damian Lillard                 $3,340,920


UTAH JAZZ         

Gordon Hayward             $14,746,000

Derrick Favors                   $12,950,00

Trevor Booker                   $5,000,000



source: http://espn.go.com/nba/teams


The Finest Batch of Rookies in NBA History: 1996-97 Season

allen ivereson rookie card

Allen Iverson

First on the list, of course, the top pick of that era. Made famous not only by his cool dreadlocks but also by his “killer crossover” moves. Who would have not seen his ever popular ankle-breaker against the greatest basketball player of all time Michael Jordan. His quickness inside the court is comparable to none. Although his career in the NBA did not end well due to personal issues, he’s still considered among the best point guards that ever played in NBA history.

kobe bryant rookie card

Kobe Bryant

This next baller needs no introduction at all. With 5 NBA Championship rings in his fingers, it’s safe to say he’s on his way to the prestige Hall of Fame throne. He also has a Slam Dunk Championship trophy, NBA Most Valuable Player award, and two times NBA Finals MVP awards to add to his credentials. “The Black Mamba” is often compared to “Michael Jordan” because of his body motions, tongue-protruding antics and shooting gestures. Not to mention that KB is just one championship ring shy to MJ. Should he win another, will that be enough to put him in the zenith that “His Airness” had attain?

ray allen rookie card

Ray Allen

Ray Allen may not have a dominant year in the Milwaukee Bucks franchise but slowly but surely he was carving his marks until he was traded and became a part of the most prominent “3-headed dragons” of the Boston Celtics in 2007. Teaming up with “The Big Ticket” Kevin Garnett and “The Truth” Paul Pierce, they successfully clinched one Larry O’Brien championship trophy in the 2007-2008 NBA season. Another trophy was added to Ray’s collection in year 2013 and by that time he’s wearing a Miami Heat Jersey together with Lebron “King” James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. Fantastic four as others call them, they dominated the basketball court like no other teams did.

steve nash rookie card

Steve Nash

Like Allen Iverson, Steve Nash haven’t bagged a championship trophy (not just yet). But with two Most Valuable Player awards, Steve had already equalized himself among the elites. The first MVP award came during the 2004-2005 NBA season where he led the Phoenix Suns to the Western Conference Finals. He solidified his status by winning yet another MVP award the proceeding 2005-2006 NBA season. To win back-to-back awards is as ambitious as winning the prestige championship trophy. Only a few players in NBA history have won back-to-back accolades the same way Steve Nash did.

ben wallace rookie card

Ben Wallace

Not many knows that Ben Wallace belongs to the Rookie Class of 1996-1997. Technically, that was his rookie year for the reason that’s the first time he played in the professional league. And he is among those players that successfully grabbed an NBA ring before they retired. His dominance in the court was displayed not by pouring a lot of points for his team but rather by exhibiting a steady defense in the Center position. As a proof for his defensive brilliance, he was named NBA Defensive Player of the year 4 times (2002, 2003, 2005, and 2006). His most exceptional year is sealed in 2003-2004 NBA Season where he’s been a part of the eventual champion team, Detroit Pistons.

stephon marbury rookie card

Stephon Marbury

During Stephon’s rookie year, his name always resurfaces together with the top point guards of the NBA. This is because he always has either a highlight reel or a game-winning shot for his Minnesota Timberwolves team. Forming alliance with Kevin Garnett during that year, they were considered as one of the best Dynamic Duos in NBA history. That moniker is the same as that of the Malone-Stockton tandem which is the best if not one of the greatest pairings in the history. Although Stephon is not active in the NBA league anymore, he still made a mark outside the organization. He’s still playing professionally for the Beijing Ducks in the Chinese Basketball Association where he led his team into two championship rings.

derek fisher rookie card

Derek Fisher

Who would have thought that Derek Fisher belonged to the rookie class of ’96-’97? Well he surely is one of those rookie elites that made a remarkable career in the basketball league. With his ball handling skills, he became one of the most valued point guards of the Los Angeles Lakers where he won 5 NBA titles together with Kobe Bryant. Obtaining 5 championship trophies is a class that only few players have experienced. Derek may not have an all-star status the same way KB and Shaq has, yet he still one of the key ingredients that helped his team win titles because of his clutch shooting artistry.