Simple English Glitches that We shouldn’t be Committing

wrong spelling

There are tons of blogs, news, and articles around the web. Social Medias are no exemption. And I can’t help but notice a lot of mistakes when reading some of them. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I’m neither an expert nor a perfect English writer but I can’t help but notice some really simple English glitches that I believe we shouldn’t be committing. You might get surprised with their simplicity once you get to read my list. So better not commit any.


its vs. it's

Wrong: I met our new professor and its a pleasure to know him

Wrong: Every car has it’s own design

The term its is a possessive pronoun (which means it belongs to the subject of the sentence) while it’s is a shortened word for it is or it has.

Tip: If the sentence doesn’t sound right if you replaced it’s with it is or it has, then you’re composition is more likely incorrect. Use its instead.


their vs. they're

Wrong: Their the best team in the league.

Wrong: I would have to bring my Cousins and they’re pets to the vacation house.

Their refers to a third person plural that is used to describe something that belongs to them. See the second (Wrong) example sentence. The subject “Cousins” is a third person plural possessive adjective, therefore their is the more appropriate term to use.

They’re is a contraction which means it’s a shortened term for They are.

Tip: If you tried to replace they’re with they are and didn’t sound quite nice, use their instead.


your vs. you're

Wrong: More than 50% of the class failed and your one of them.

Wrong: Don’t forget to bring you’re lunch.

Your is a possessive adjective and it describes something that belongs to the second person. Your is more often followed by a noun (e.g.: your key, your gadget, your choice).

You’re is another contraction. A combination of you and are.

Tip: If the sentence sounds well by interchanging you are and you’re, then proceed using either. If not, use your.


received vs. recieved

I wasn’t supposed to include this in this blog but a recent email cracked me up so I decided to add it. I have no tips either than to emphatically let you know that the correct spelling is RECEIVE and/or RECEIVED. Yes you’ve read that right.

wrong spelling


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